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Wednesday, 12 March 2014


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Good Christ, they pay you?

Worth every penny, Sir!

I have been to Malaysia (twice in fact) and believe it to be the most hideous, backward country in the world.
I have also been to Guam and would consider that US colony to be a close second.
Avoid both if possible.

G'day Andra,

Been to Malaysia on holiday [once] and on business [four times] and almost agree with you. I've been to other places in Asia that make Malaysia seem civilized.
Guam [once on business] is way ahead of Malaysia and is the Japanese "Bali".
It is somewhat ironic to see all these young Japanese posing for their photos in front of the US Marines Memorial.
Shan't be returning to either now that I am retired and spending my own money.

I visited Guam once, in a Vulcan. Our hotel was full of young Japanese couples. Apparently they got married there. They could invite all their relatives to the wedding secure in the knowledge that no one would come.

G'day BoaE,

Vulcan? As in the big delta wing bomber?

I recently watched a doco on the Vulcan raid on the Port Stanley airstrip - as my grand daughter would say, "Awesome".

Yup. Two tours - six years of backache and a sore bum!

Er, yes, jolly good show and all that but, um, didn't they miss the runway at Stanley?

I arrived rather late in the day on the Vulcan force, and left before they missed the runway at Stanley. I would point out in their defence that the plan for bombing Russia involved flying very low - and thats what we practised. On Red Flag we flew at 100 feet. You ought to try it, but take an extra pair of underpants. So, having perfected the technique of dropping a couple of H-bombs from 100 ft in the dark, somebody decided to make a medium level (15,000 ft) attack using conventional bombs. No only was this a different unpracticed business, but they had only two weeks to learn all about air-to-air refuelling - also at night.

Still having said that, my own personal opinion is that bombing the runway at Stanley was only carried out because the RAF was upset on how the Falklands war was an Army-Navy affair.

Yes, one or two commentators said at the time that it smacked of a latter-day 'Bomber' Harris trying to ensure that he and his bombers got in on the act. But flying one of those things at 100' at night over strange terrain doesn't bear thinking about. Mind you, what a beautiful aircraft! I used to see them at the Farnborough Air Show - deadly but magnificent!

Even the Victor was quite attractive, the Vulcan and Concorde seriously handsome.

Are there any good-looking planes nowadays?

I went to the air show at RNAS Culdrose a couple of years ago. Everyone sat around on the grass (unusual Cornish sunshine) while these boring helicopters and things flew about. Then, right at the end, into sight hove the last Vulcan. Everyone stood up and on its last fly past burst into applause!

As to good looking warplanes DM, the only one I could think of was the B2.

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