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Tuesday, 04 March 2014


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You'd think that they would be good mates seeing both are so good at what Vlad the Impaler is thinking.

But then maybe its just a good old pissing contest between the two which should be a no brainer seeing Obummer probably sits down to do so.

Hello there is a black Chevy Suburban just pulled up out the front. What can they be doing here in down town Oz?

Check the body language in that photo.

One of those guys is diffident, a little nervous, not sure of himself, and afraid of giving offence; the other one is in charge.

Which is which, I leave as an exercise for the reader...

Duffers, your prep for this evening is to listen to this interview.

Apart from the chuckle-worthy confederate pronunciation of "Crimea" (compare with W's "nuclear") it's wonderfully frank stuff.

Since the West has now so whole heartedly embraced socialism which the left like to call social democracy then it is no surprise that Western governments have become more authoritarian. So the differences between what were democratic and non democratic states is narrowing. The cost of embracing socialism is that for it to work increasing amounts of force has to be asserted by the state on it's citizens to either make them part with their wealth and/or subscribe to it's doctrine and ideology. The left has engineered this by making the majority of it's citizens dependent on the state for either their jobs or for the benefits it doles out. This in turn creates an environment where it becomes in the citizens vested interests to support the continual expansion of the the sate and it's authority to keep the nannying going.

The Chalk Garden is one of my favourite films. It would be interesting to see the play.

Antisthenes. The left are dead and gone. We have food banks in the UK. This is reality.

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