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Wednesday, 19 March 2014


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Isn't Brussels in Belgium?

Just sayin'

I wonder if the fact that huge clearing house Euroclear is based in Belgium might not be a factor in these strange numbers.

The Walloons are saving up to fight a war of extermination against the Flemish. Or vice-versa.

Don't get a tip jar. Your readers sound like poor retirees to me. But why not install an Amazon widget? You're always writing about the books you read. With the widget, anytime someone orders form amazon, you get a (small) commission.

I take your point, Andrew, but surely the EU doesn't have that amount of spare cash sitting around - if they had, the Greeks would have nicked it by now!

"Euroclear"? That sounds sinister, 'H'. Does the boss sit in a comfortable chair behind a big desk whilst quietly stroking a big cat?

My money's on the Flems, DM!

Dom, once again you prove an example of that 'good ol' American get-up-and-go'. Mind you, I might have to go to night-school for a year to work out how to do it. I'm still embarrassed - well, as near embarrassed as I ever get these days - by my efforts to partake in Google Advertising. Total cock-up and I didn't earn a penny! Story of my life, really.

I used to read zero hedge a lot because it suited my pessimistic view of the world. I stopped because it made apocalyptic predictions which cheered me up no end but when those predictions failed to materialise it made me very depressed because the world as I know it and do not like does not appear to be ending any time soon.

I know exactly what you mean, Antis, but it's being so cheerful as keeps us so young, I like to think!

Duffers I would not be so cruel to give an "ol sojer" an empty Fosters can let alone a full one. Total crap it is. There are a multitude of Aussie beers and in descending order of quality Fosters is at the bottom.

Belgium. Been to Belgium to see one of the places where Grandfather fought the Hun. Terrible place - incomprehensible language, dreadful weather, flat as Cher's chest and it is no wonder they put the EU HQ there as it is a good place for a bunch of tossers. Only saving grace was the beer.

It's better in the south and along the Meuse - and it is arguably the best place to eat in Europe!

"it is arguably the best place to eat in Europe"

Then the rest of Europe would be a complete disaster. However I found a little café off the Rue Madeleine in Paris which served a dinner that transported one to nirvana.

But then I am a colonial so what would I know?

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