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Wednesday, 26 March 2014


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Universities are intended to be Perpetual Institutions. Those running them at any moment are intended to be stewards of their interests. Instead they tend to be yet more bloody apparatchiks keen to advance their own careers at whatever cost to the long term interests of their employers.

A bit of machine-gunning would be in order.

Most scientist who are also climate alarmists actually are not qualified in anyway to do with the climate and associated disciplines. They are very much like this guy engaged in things that generally cannot be proved or disproved by empirical study and are philosophical in nature. Not that those who are qualified to study climate change empirically speaking are having much success as their theories do not appear to be observable in practice. As these particular scientists insists that they will be right one day despite the evidence at this time pointing to the opposite then we have to say they are deniers far more than climatescepics. So at the end of the day we are being given mostly opinion and not fact. Who do we see mostly screaming that we must save the planet before it is too late they are lefties who are economists, people with arts and classical studies backgrounds, politicians (I know not scientists but I can not leave them out) and of course idiots like him who study things like psychology which is an area that is very controversial in that many believe that mostly it does not work and probably does more harm than good. As for conspiracy theorists if many of the people they questioned are then it is because people like him and the rest of the climate alarmist community have driven them to cynicism and to look for hidden agendas as their pronouncements, actions and milking of the system through research grants have given them good cause. However I suspect as I am very sceptical about the causes and especially the effects of climate change and am most disdainful of conspiracy theories and all the very many bloggers I read who are also climatesceptics and I have not detected a conspiracy theorist amongst any of them then his findings are pure fiction. In fact my theory is that it is a conspiracy by climate alarmists to discredit climatesceptics (I know so don't say it, it is meant to be a joke).

In this case, DM, the 'apparatchiks' seem to have been a mixture dumb and idle.

Sorry, Antis, but your "joke" will not make it onto my 'Monday Funnies' although I sympathise entirely.

Intriguingly, at the end of his post, Steve McIntyre says something much worse is on the way. Only a fool would tangle with McIntyre, but fortunately for us these climate clowns think they are up for it.

Yes indeed, AK, and I think it's worth copying McIntyre's final two paragraphs:

Most remarkably, the widely-cited key conclusions of the “investigation” – “We have considered the issues raised by Mr McIntyre in his letter to the Editor of Psychological Science dated 12 October and found them to be baseless. The research reported in the above paper was conducted in compliance with all applicable ethical guidelines” – were not written by an investigator or university official but ghostwritten by Lewandowsky himself and signed by DVCR Owens within minutes of receipt from Lewandowsky.

Today’s note pertains only to the ethics approval of Hoax. The circumstances surrounding the ethics application for Fury are much worse and will be discussed separately.

Incidentally, AK, sorry, sorry, you were spam-binned again, you really must change your aftershave!

Lewandowski - transported to the UK for Crimes against Logic.

My sides are painful from laughing. There is a Kind and Benevolent God after all.

Well, I'm kind and benevolent, too, so you can have him back - no charge!

We'd like to oblige you Duffers [well actually that's a porky we wouldn't like to at all] but transportation to "the Colonies" is past the use by date so the wanker is all yours and he has been put on the "not welcome here Sunshine" list.

Seeing he believes in gerbil worming you could perhaps introduce him to some of your sparkling weather - the stuff where the figure is minus something or other.

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