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Sunday, 16 March 2014


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But POTUS believes energy not genertated by his green constituency is EVIL, hence every obstacle on Keystone Pipeline and fracking on federal land....

However, there is one simple act that Obama could take which would bring Putin & Co. to an abrupt halt in their ambitions, and that is to sign one of those 'executive orders' he loves so much and allow America to export gas/oil.

Er, one slight problem there Cpl. Duff - aside from "We needs the stuff here" - it'd take at minimum 15 years or so to get all the necessary infrastructure in place to even begin exporting, as all we've done for the past seventy years was importing.

Besides, the EU (I do notice in your "we shorthand" you've US/EU - but no UK) anyway, if the EU wants us to spend a few zillions building infrastructure the least the NATO-EU could do to to participate would be, to spend a zillion of two of its largesse to build some few ships and airplanes to block Vlad in the meantime.

I do hope I closed all my italicizing - if not - I've an excuse.

It's very early in my timezone.

DD. Your analysis is spot on but for one item. As I understand it the USA is exporting gas and oil but it is going to places like India because even though Europe was given first dibs it turned it down.

JK. I do not think you did but how it is effecting my comment is anyone's guess unless it has something to do with time zones as mine at the present time is earlier than the UK also.

Perhaps The Great One doesn't actually need to do anything. Just say he is going to.

Ljh, welcome to D&N and your description is accurate - alas!

JK, no, you did not close you italics but, hell, why change the habit of a lifetime? I have done it for you and the invoice is in the post"! As to your main point I understand from 'Farx Noos' that there are six terminals just waiting for the Feds (Obama) to give the 'all clear' and just that action alone would depress the price of gas/oil in advance of any actual shipments. Your complaint concerning the lack of European defence capability is spot on and has been since the end of WWII - although we Brits did do our best for a while. I will try and dig deeper on this subject tomorrow.

Alas, Antis, I fear that no-one, least of all 'Vlad the Impaler', pays any attention to anything he says!

The Russians already made monetary moves to blunt any financial sanctions we might eventually get around to putting in place. In addition, their financial moves will hurt us much faster than some, as yet undecided, sanctions of ours will hurt them. I agree with you, David, on the energy moves, if such were possible (I don't know actually). And of course, mustering enough testosterone to man up in this White House, seems unlikely, but most assuredly, better late than never, demarcating that we will not allow Russian attempts to reassemble the Eastern Bloc should be a primary gauntlet to throw down. Hard to imagine a worse crowd than these bickering boobs in the EU and this bunch of circus clowns in this White House to handle such a serious diplomatic challenge. I worry a lot lately.

The West has no interest in democracy in non West countries. The West is stirring it to move the NATO drinks cabinet forward a bit. I think the general idea of the West is to get rid of the Russian Black Sea Fleet with the help of the puppets in Kiev.
The Russians have countered with their puppets in the Crimea.
The Russians have won and deservedly so.

I see the annual Wife Carrying competition was held today in England. Didn't see you and the memsahib - I guess you didn't win - again!

I'm still waiting for you to enter the bog snorkelling comp. I reckon you'd be terrific at that - what with your vast swimming experience and all that jazz.

Failing all that, which I realise might be a bit too energetic for you at your advanced age, I could send you a brace of cane toads and you could set them up as a racing team. Toad racing is huge in Northern Australia and I think you lot would take to it in an instant. Just say the word (and send that damned cheque).

We would be in a pretty pickle if the Kiev government called on NATO for help in the face of aggression. We're already clearly pathetic, and will be even more pathetic shortly.

"...allow America to export oil..."

Did I miss something?

Is it illegal for Americans to export oil? Has socialism and state meddling got so far already?

No wonder we'll all doomed.

No Andrew, you missed nothing.

Yes the US can (and does) export hydrocarbons.

And we moves the stuff mostly on Saudi flagged ships.

But as I understand it, the EU is most desirous of LNG so ... if the EU wants our LNG, the EU best get round to building (on it's dime) LNG transports.

*Liquefied Natural Gas

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