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Wednesday, 05 March 2014


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Hear, hear. It's amusing that the Mail illustrated the story with a picture of a twerpish face … I'd better stop there if the parents are litigious, eh?

Here's another nominee:

The teaching profession is sure to be divided in reacting to this news; while some may agree with you, others will publicly deplore this brutal infringement of learners' human rights.

For the good of education in this country, the latter group should be rounded up and removed from schools immediately.

These days, DM, they're all litigious.

Dom, A teacher searching for amputee porn is a new one on me but I think he should be given the chop immediately! Er, hang on, there's something not quite right there . . .

Yes, indeed, Mac, and all bound together with Sellotape and pushed in the nearest river.

So, the only common sensical spanish teacher is gone tith you!
I'm sorry to tell you that here in Spain the boys and girls are treated as poor litle things that cannot even stand a simple test. It would be too hard for their feeble minds and it will scare them for life!
Enough to tell you that I really envy your Mr. Gove, who seems to be fighting the teachers into, well, teaching. By now, the battle is lost here.
And, no, no relation with Ms. Ortega. But, you know, certain names, just like noblesse, oblige.

She's got my vote. Duct tape would have been better.

G'day Andra [and Duffers],

Seth Efrica down to the Aussies. Sometimes the world is a brighter place.


Oh no, Ortega, I thought they did everything so much better in Europe, especially, in traditional Spain. Another illusion shattered!

Cricket is a forbidden subject on this blog, AussieD, kindly remember that in future!

Sorry Duffers,

The devil made me do it. Nyuk Nyuk.

Console yourself Duffers with the knowledge that the Aussie team is made up of all good Anglo-Saxon/Celtic descendants - something the English can't claim. Just look on us as one of the last bastions of Empire.

Australia Test squad for South Africa: Michael Clarke(c), Brad Haddin (vc), Jackson Bird, Alex Doolan, James Faulkner, Ryan Harris, Mitchell Johnson, Shaun Marsh, Nathan Lyon, James Pattinson, Chris Rogers, Peter Siddle, Steve Smith, David Warner, Shane Watson.

Now I'll go and stand in the corner.

Yes, AussieD, the Chinaman was up until 2 a.m. again, listening to the bloody cricket on his little transistor, with ear-phones. He said the game was very exciting at the end.
I still don't care.


Can you deport her to the US? She is needed.

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