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Thursday, 06 March 2014


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Do you read a blog called diplomad? Right up our street!

Damn! You beat me to it! Just read the latest and have to agree the analysis is spot on.

"peninsula", young Duff.

Anyway, Grey would be proud on my plan - admit the Crimea as the fifty-first state of the Union. That would calm things down.

Ah ha. So, the code word for today is "peninsula". Many thanks DM. I'll try again.

We might be flailing around like a boxer who's just taken a nasty right hook, but when America drops the e-bomb, it'll be Putin and the Russian regime on the deck, and us counting them out.

Then all of Europe will be free, from Albion to the Urals.

Do it America. Make it four in one century.


Yes, BOE, I am a fairly regular visitor to Diplomad - an excellent site.

My 50 lines will be on your desk shortly, DM! And may I congratulate you on your diplomatic coup de main!

Interesting article, SoD, but does Obama have enough 'Putin' in him to do the necessary?

Lord Gray is to be honoured for his foresight and diplomatic skills.
Putin is not a mug. He knows the intentions of NATO and has put a spanner in the works for the moment.
The West of course want to stir it up with Russia over Syria.
Anyhow we can all sleep safely in our beds knowing me and David Duff are on call. Army olive green thermal Long Johns and all.

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