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Sunday, 30 March 2014


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Sir Ranulph Bacon. Bet he would have been a pig to serve under as a young Rozzer.

Sorry Duffers I'll go and stand in the "naughty corner" again.

The Stern report has had the unfortunate consequence for him and all the other climate alarmists of proving that it is economically better to do nothing for many decades to come even if climate warming is in fact true.

Where I currently am cutting grass is not going to be necessary for at least a couple months more as outside there is a snow blizzard in progress falling on snow in the garden that is already 4 feet thick. Even in summertime cutting grass is not necessary very often as the grass does not grow particularly tall or quickly.

Our first grass cutting began on Wednesday; it was stopped by severe downpours of hail. My boast this week is that I have finished my manful munching through our apple crop. All gone! Now for the last of the butternut squash, more likely to be soup-sipped than munched.

We are considering trying to grow two new crops this year: quinoa and beetroot - the latter in a variety called Detroit. Invent your own jokes on that.

AussieD, you will not leave the naughty step until told!

Antis, this may seem like an obvious question but have you ever considered moving? Or are you frozen to the spot?

DM, as ever, you are an education. First, I learned what a quinoa is; and second, I learned how to pronounce it: 'KEEN-wah'. Alas, the more impassioned the words of praise for this fruit? vegetable? were the more determined I became to avoid it. I always try to avoid anything that is good for me!

DD. I am indeed moving very shortly from this country Canada despite the long cold winters(although beautiful to view) which I like very much to one I do not France and eventually onto the UK for health reasons. I could of course move directly to the UK where no doubt the NHS would kill me off in very quick time from incompetence which I am all too aware of from previous times I was in their care. And of course being an oldie they will wish to save money another reason for them to practice euthanasia on me. No France is the place to go when health is the priority having lived there eight years where experience has taught me that their healthcare where they do not practice ageism or any other form of ism (except perhaps race) is excellent.

David, with your conections to the aristocracy - on account of you being an ex para and a former used car salesman - could you tell us poor plebs how to pronounce ranulph.

I only ask because they seem to pronounce Ralph as Rayfe, so presumably Ranulph is pronounced Rayuff, or possible Deirdre.

Ta in advance

"A shotgun is part of the adult Englishman's equipment'. I wonder if he ever considered emigrating to Arkansas?

A mere shotgun? No. Nadda!

Antis, you and the great Anna Raccoon have much in common it appears:

Kevin - wearzyabin?! Anyway, good to hear from you again. As to your question, if I had known him in my army days he would almost certainly have been called 'Randy'; and in my car salesman days, 'Mr. Bacon, sir'!

I see what you mean, JK, he would have been somewhat out-gunned!

Antis, I have a friend who moved from the snows of Canada a year or so ago to Ecuador.
She is having a wonderful time and it really looks like the place to be.
The weather is good, the people are friendly, the food is great, it's a cheap place to live for retirees - sounds and looks brilliant.
I'm thinking of visiting, at least.

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