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Wednesday, 19 March 2014


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The answer will be: How fucking dare you, you Nazi bastards? I paraphrase.

Thank goodness for that, DM, I hate to think what you would have written without your customary restraint!

For a good web site that abounds with really clever people who pull the gerbil worming myth to shreds type JoNova into your favourite search engine - on the puter Duffers not the Flying Scotchman.

Just for a minute there, AussieD, I thought you had caught JK's complexity disease! However, I figured it out and, yes, I have heard the name Jo Nova.

Would one of these brilliant pysicists care to explain, the total reversal of the laws of thermodynamics, meaning that heat coming upon an ocean suddenly decides to SINK?

Purely subjectively, I would say that down here in Cornwall, the summers have stayed the same but the winters have got warmer. You could be fairly safe predicting that we would have about 3 weeks cold weather in the period Dec-Feb; but not any more. My wife, who is Cornish, says that the sea level in Newquay harbour is the same as it was 60 years ago and we don't get any more storms than we used to. We both agree that we don't get as many thunderstorms as we did 20 years ago.

So, the weather has changed, but not much. Personally I think it is because we have stopped sacrificing our first-born to Poseidon.

"Personally I think it is because we have stopped sacrificing our first-born to Poseidon."

Damn! Another wasted visit to Cleethorpes.

I have it on good authority, Jannie, that all visits to Cleethorpes are wasted!

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