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Monday, 24 March 2014


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It's not spelled "toilet" (for the purposes of the joke DD) it should be


Remember. I'm on the same joke factory mailing list.

Oh. And as I received it - the fellow wasn't Japanese. Rather Chinese. (But I can understand why you "might've" changed that.)

Good thing you didn't try translating into Hillbillyanese though.

Oh God, JK, now *you're* into grammatical analysis?! And, no, I didn't change a thing, just copied and pasted.

In Australia, the kerbside garbage carts are called "wheelie bins."

Surely that is true throughout the civilised world?

Indeed so, DM, and so one is suitably surprised that it has reached 'down under'!

Yes, I don't even think we still have dunny men.

In this part of Australia we dont call them anything in case you get the hate crime people after you.

John Malpas - dunny men? We don't call dunny men dunny men? Really? I didn't realise.
I rather think, if we had a dunny man, I would call him that. Unless I knew his name, of course. If his name was .... let's say, Dexter .... well, I would call him Dexter.
Would that be OK?
I like to get these things right.

"Surely that is true throughout the civilised world"

DM Australia is the civilized world because the lot up north of the equator are busy screwing the rest of it up quick fast.

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