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Tuesday, 29 April 2014


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Bloody hell Duffers. Do you also drink jet fuel?

The bloody martini will never replace a good gin and tonic, or a beer or an Aussie wine [red or white].

I grant you the prose is excellent and I may just read the full bit notwithstanding it is writ about a crap concoction.

Back to the naughty corner.

I recall reading somewhere that before we got all po-faced etc a middle-class American male's hardest decision was how many martinis to sink after work and still achieve an insertable erection when he got home. For those who have missed this pleasure I suggest 1 dash Orange Bitters, 1/6 gill Martini-Rossi, 2/6 gill Gordons. Strain into a cocktail glass, lemon peel on top - the other bit I leave to you.

Beer? In place of a martini? Where do you live, in the way-back, or the set-back, or the back-back, or whatever you call it?

I didn't know martinis were American. I started reading about them in wiki, and got a quote from Noel Coward: "the ideal Martini should be made by filling a glass with gin then waving it in the general direction of Italy". Can you imagine a martini without vermouth?

AussieD, trust me even if I am a Pom. Just fetch a medium size jug and almost fill it to the top with your gin of choice. Then take a bottle of Noilly Prat (I prefer it to Italian vermouth) and whilst looking away try and splash some in the gin - it doesn't matter too much if you miss! Nah, not really but just dribble in about 1/8th of the gin that's already there. Place the jug in your *deep freeze* and drink (or rather, *SIP*) it the *next day* - it should pour out like nitro-glycerine, a useful analogy in the circs! Some people like an olive in it but I prefer a sliver of lemon peel which you should quickly wipe around the inside of the glass before adding the martini. I take Roger's point concerning orange bitters although I have never tried it. In fact, the habit of adding just a taste of fruit juice to martinis has gained popularity recently but I am unconvinced.

Anyway, God Bless America!

I dunno why you just don't drink gin.... nothing but gin.
Is it because you know how very bad gin is for the innards?
Anyway, AussieD is right, can't beat a good (or bad, even) Aussie chardy or red if you must.
However, your new late best friend does have a neat way with words. Sort of like a modern Robert Benchley.

Yes, indeed, Andra, I would give my right arm to be able to write as elegantly and wittily as that. I haven't even got DM to correct my grammar anymore!

G'day Dom,

It is actually the "out back" and it doesn't refer to the dunny.

And beer any time. In HM's service it was two cans per man, per day, perhaps. When I have to play "officer and gentleman" the pre-dinner drink of choice is definitely gin and tonic with a slice of lime in it.

Andra a nice chilled Pinot Gris from a local winery is hard to beat.

See if you can get hold of a bottle of Negrita Rhum - that'll put hairs on your chest!

Thanks for the hint, AussieD - but we don't really have a choice of local wineries in Cairns. In fact the only one I know is at Murdering Point (there's a reason for that, too) and they do strange things with local fruits (of the horticultural kind).

"they do strange things with local fruits"

Right, that's it, I'll stick to New Zealand whites!

G'day Andra,

Forgot for the moment you lived way up north.

Available "on line" is Red Claw Pinot Gris from a winery down here in Vic. Lubbly jubbly it is.

Some lovely stuff from the Mornington Peninsular as I discovered a few years ago on a bit of a wine crawl.
I'll be in Melbourne for a few days in early June - not looking forward to it due to weather.
It's 24 C now in Cairns (5 a.m.) and I have socks and jumpers on already.
Melbourne is a delight but too damned cold. Thank the gods for central heating.

Just drink dry martinis, you won't feel the cold - or anything much else come to that!

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