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Wednesday, 23 April 2014


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You have to assemble the chair? Let's hope you don't get a DDoS attack just sitting on it.

You are right to raise doubts, Dom, it might end up as an exhibit in the Tate Modern!

Just as long as you don't connect it to the electricity you should be O.K.
Or - don't pull the switch!

Funny you should say that, I couldn't understand why the 'Memsahib' also bought a socket extension lead!

Please post photos when you're done. I can hear the comments now, "That's a chair?"

Do remember to read the instructions and make sure you have all the bits when you start. Using all the bits is optional....

My mum has just been bought a Stressless chair for her birthday and confessed that not only was it the most comfortable chair she had ever had, she's now doing a great deal more TV viewing with her eyes shut....

Ah but that's the problem, Mayfly, I simply don't do instructions. Too, too, tedious! And the only tool I possess is a hammer.

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