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Thursday, 17 April 2014


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Well, I'm a Licensed Poop Wiper, and occasional Medicine Giver and Snot Sucker, so I'll be working when they are laying off grave diggers. My son writes the software, and his wife likes staying home with my descendants, and my own BSU just wants to retire, anyway.

I first heard this prognostication over my Black Eyed pea cassoulet on this New year's Day, from Fred and Meg, and, if you listen to them, you will always hear it first, whatever "it" may be. When I have tried to talk about it, people insist that the excess workers will be absorbed by the businesses making new products that are not yet imagined, just as hand weavers started tending the looms in textile mills and turning out thousands of times more cloth than before, so cloth got cheaper and everything changed, including underwear, much more frequently than before.

I understand the post-industrial revolution did indeed lead to more and more jobs but I can't help thinking that this post-digital world will not work out the same way. Marx reckoned that "History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce" but he may have got it the wrong way round!

My best wishes to Fred 'n' Meg!

There are only 10 types of people in this world. Those who understand binary and those who don't.

It does not need people of high intelligence to work out that human jobs will steadily decline and machines will take over. Proof being I had foreseen this obvious fact some time ago but considered that it would not necessarily be a bad thing. Machines being the providers of goods and services will mean that the cost of those goods and services will be considerably cheaper than they are now. It will be good for capitalism and socialism as the private sector entrepreneurs will have to run the provision side and socialist principles will control the demand side through wealth redistribution. The only problem I can see is what billions of people are going to do with all the leisure time they will have. As this new revolution is going to happen relatively slowly we I believe will adapt to it. The end result will be that yes there will be a producer class that will be very rich but equality will have truly arrived for the rest as all will receive equal income from the state and live in reasonable comfort. It will only not work if the state decides to take over the means of production rather than taxing it.

No, not useless at all DD. As some union leader said when shown round a robotic car factory 'Ay, but will they buy cars'. Well in the end maybe up-market robots will buy cars - or something like them - and want to garage themselves in a nice comfy suburb away from those nasty Luddites. Sufficiently cerebral (if that is the right word) robots might seek entertainment or relaxation with quintuple dimensional GO game shows beamed in by BBC9999. Then there will be all the begging emails from charities supporting the last of the humanoids to delete. I suspect sufficiently developed robots will not be satisfied with an insect-like form of self organisation - some robots being more equal than others. Plus ca change...

Keep up the good work. I check your blog twice per day. The Monday Funnies are great!

'Senor' Del Vecchio, you are obviously a man of taste and discernment!

Whatever will we all do when we don't need buggy-whip manufacturers any more?

And all those poor girls who plug in the 1/4" jacks in the telephone exchanges, how awful it would be if all that got mechanised! What would they do with themselves?

Woe, woe is us!

Hang on a minute...

"Whatever will we all do when we don't need buggy-whip manufacturers any more"

As long as there are Tory politicians in the UK they'll always be needed. How does that saying go? "Whip me, whip me, I promise I've been good".


By then I will have shuffled off this mortal coil. I am not bothered.

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