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Tuesday, 01 April 2014


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I prefer my Girraffe roasted, with a large helping of "Blue Pimpernel" and "Cheddar pink" sauce mixed with a liberal dose of ground elephant tusk. But, as I am not a Lion, what would I know?

Yes, yes, FT, but the really important question is what does one drink with giraffe? White or red, Bordeaux or Burgundy? These things matter, you know!

Almost forgot it's April 1st and I ain't done my duty keepin' Arkansas' Favorite Brit up on his History Larnin:

Locals hunting and fishing along the Cache River occasionally encountered the increasingly ragged-looking Swann and worked to convince him that the war had long since ended, but he refused to believe it and insisted that he could not surrender to anyone without the permission of Joseph Shelby, who had given him his original orders. Therefore, on April 1, 1895, an aging Shelby was taken to Arkansas, just outside of Clarendon, where he personally ordered Elija Swann to stand down.

All very Proustian, JK, but as always with your little jokes there is something to be learned. For instance I was rather taken by the all too real, Gen. Shelby, a sort of real-life 'Swann'. One of these days I really must get myself over to Arkansas, I am now completely convinced that it is the most interesting place in the USA - and I understand the booze is pretty good too, if you know who to ask!

There is that of course.

And Your eh, Lordshit ...

See DD? A Duff Arkansas.

Spotted on an American blog.

"There's a fable about a chicken, a pig and a plate of ham and eggs. The chicken is involved but the pig is committed."

Not a conspiracy theorist but
Politics of distraction?

OT: I did rather enjoy this:

'Very witty, Wilde", er, I mean DM.

Louise, thank you for that absolutely excellent link. 'Dalrymple' really is a man with whom I would like to dine!

Giraffe, very nice hot from the brie and served with several cans of nice cold Castle. Lion though, a bit gamey, I think Angolan vodka with a Cape Red chaser would be advisable.

As for bile, well that is in short supply. Very hard to work up a good hate for such feeble jellies. Not worth 2 penn'th of cold seasick.

"Angolan vodka"! Crikey! Don't give JK's mate, 'Three-tooth Joe' who runs the still in 'them thar hills' any ideas, Arkansas is loony enough already!

Really David, you haven’t lived. If you want to know about bile, you should read :-

1) Normal people’s responses to Katie Hopkins
2) Mr Bunker’s epic battles with Mr Hitchens – and I have to say that for all Mr Hitchens might be a good writer, his snarky comments and lack of ability to construct a logical argument about the choice of believing in god do let him down
3) Any news story on the BBC website about weight gain, where people are allowed to comment – remembering that the average member of the human race knows nothing about why people get fat, and why people stay thin (and before anyone starts quoting “Calories in, calories out”, that applies to a CLOSED SYSTEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
4) Elevatorgate

The last example, I must warn you, involves a debate over the use of profanity, so one group of people assert that profanity is like a prayer – only given power by people. If anyone reading this starts googling, be aware that they use the word c**t, f**k and s**t liberally.

Elevatorgate is pretty much the start of the argument but it has evolved into two branches of atheism, one of which one can only laugh at now. Atheism plus, which demands that its members be non-racist, feminists, ableists…… basically, people who live up to their standards (which are undetermined until you underperform) - is a product of this thinking. Why so many people make the mistake of thinking that Atheism is a way of life and not a way of thinking, I have no idea…..Anyway, PZ Myers and Skechick vs the Slymepit (although the one lot ban the other lot from pasting, but I’m sure there are examples still on the internet) lead to the worst cases of bile I have ever read!

Sorry, that should read "posting", although the Freudian is quite apt....

Dear Mayfly, as ever your comments are an education - until now I had never heard of Katie Hopkins and having just checked her Wiki entry I am, for once, at a loss for words. Anyway, I'm pushed for time right now but I shall return to your other topics - "Elevatorgate"??? - later on.

Google "Elevatorgate" and the Revolutionary Atheist gives a blow by blow account. It seems to be very accurate, although part 1 does not descend into the actual shipwreck storm that the whole situation became.

Oh God, Miss Mayfly, I began to read the confused details of "Elevatorgate", an incident which heretofore had completely passed me by and as I read I began to lose the will to live so I stopped. Bigmouth bint vs. academic tit and neither of them appear to have anything sensible to say - no surprise from 'Archbishop' Dawkins! I didn't get to he best bile, alas.

Aha! You should be aware that I can now label you....clearing her throat.....checking she's got her list correct :-

A misogynistic, sexist rape apologiser who needs to check his white male privilege. You're probably a Holocaust denier who makes all women afraid (because every man is a potential rapist) and should shut up because b*tches be talkin'.

But only if I am a celebrated poster on FtB, which thankfully I am not. Mind you, Suey Park has now stepped forward, who is possibly even more round the bend than the FtB lot.

I might quibble with one or two of those designations, Miss Mayfly, but I absolutely disagree with "who makes all women afraid", it being a known fact that I am terrified of women!

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