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Saturday, 19 April 2014


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Ah well hell 'n to bad Davy.

Axelrod's Chief 'n Chief is a feller name of, as I understand it, ... Morgan.

What's that you say dear?

I must tell David? Oh dearie me do ya think I ca ... ?

Sure sure sure I musn't lie ... since you are lying there ... okay okay I'm getting on with it ... I promise!


You'll be to Birmingham pert soon?

Axelrod's got a Chief of Staff (eh? what's that?) Okay David,

Chief of Staff to Axelrod, Sir Piers Morgan.

(Don't worry about that £0.002 ya'll overpaid us from WWII - we're even. - ... Actually, we're returning him with interest accruing.)

Axerod and Morgan! I'm trying to think of a suitable collective noun . . .

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