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Saturday, 26 April 2014


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Scottish independence may well lead to financial dependence for the wee Jocks as it won't be all "hoots mon" and "Scots wha hae". You have actually got to have a currency [no more quid Sterling Hamish], a source of national income [there is only so much jet fuel {whisky} one can drink and flog to those whose taste buds have been cauterized] and some idea of what it is you actually want out of "Independence". Just after they get it they could join the EU - one of the World's great bastions of "independence"

After the Scots get it then Anglesey could declare independence and reinstate Druidism as the State Religion and burn a few Labour pollies in wicker men. After they had eliminated a satisfactory number then the place could be retaken and returned to England [yes I know it is in Wales] by the 2nd Regiment of Foot as Legio II Augusta is no longer available for a replay of the little to do in AD60.

You could have years of internecine squabbling with so little effort.

If the Scots vote for independence I will have to reassess my opinion of their intelligence.

Of course you could always export all those followers of the "Religion of Peace" you have to the Scots.

Just trying to be helpful.

Actually, AussieD, an idea being mooted is to export all the Scots to Australia. You could stick them all in that enormous empty desert in the middle of your country and tell they can rule that and call it Scotland II.


Why not simply devolve England from the United Kingdom?

Well Hank, you might be surprised to hear that quite a few of us English would like to do that. It's usually given as "Sod off then!"

Keep hold of Nurse, for fear for fear of something worse. I agree there is a fair chance the Scots will jump ship and will end up facing the same problem the UK and most minor and medium countries face 'how the hell to make a living?'. I don't think Cameron has any idea and Microbean certainly doesn't but might get in because everyone is sick to the back teeth of all politicians. Whoever gets in will make no difference - our only hand is to play housing bubble-pipe and the old currency slide and hope something will turn up. Eventually something will turn up and I doubt we will like it.

Geographically speaking, we have always been a small country. We were just the same size when we ruled half the world. If the Scots vote to leave, they will be ruled by socialists, and we all know how that ends. Better to let them go and take the Scottish socialists with them.

What's happened to DM? I would be more interested in his comments .......he knows stuff!

On behalf of AussieD, Hank, rogerh and myself - thanks a lot Andra!

Well BOE what about me!

OK JK - thanks a lot.g

No disrespect to y'all but I figure DM knows more stuff about Scotland.

Alas, I fear that DM has the 'mac-hump' with this worthy blog and has set an example to his homeland in announcing 'unilateral independence'!

Speaking of "back to the time of Kinnock with McClusky lurking", what of the famous Ken Livingstone we used to hear so much of?

Nasty little shit is now history - not dead, just political history!

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