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Wednesday, 30 April 2014


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Far be it for me to wish to harsh your mellow, but Nicolas Maduro (the knuckle-dragging president of Venezuela) was also a bus driver.

So not all bad then?!

So, not a Ralph Kramden type, eh?

"Ralph Kramden"! Thank you, Uppers, as always the (to me) obscure references I receive from my commenters serves to widen my education. Thank God for Wiki!

Is there no end to your "talents?"
Only now have we learned of your bus driving ability.
I just have the one question - was it hard to remember where to go every day?

People used to queue for a chance to ride on my bus!

Those North accents are nae problem, if they'll just attend to the damned acoustics. Yes, it's windy up there, we understand that, but, once you've gotten that point across, could we have some clear audio?

Tell that to your Southerners, to be precise, the makers of 'True Detective' about which I am still grumbling!

Anyway, did you see it 'over there'?

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