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Friday, 18 April 2014


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According to the Bible, Jesus died for our sins - those that we have committed; those that we are currently committing; and those we have yet to commit. If this is the case, where is the incentive to be good in this existence? You can be the most evil or obnoxious person on the face of the earth yet, once you have popped your clogs, your sins will have automatically been forgiven and you will automatically spend eternity in the presence of some omnipotent being - a bit like Islam only without the virgins. To be honest, if it meant I had to share my hereafter with the Blair's, Simon Cowell or Piers Morgan, I'd rather take my chance on the other place!

The "god so loved the world etc" stuff never appealed to me. Frankly, it's a horrible thought when you get down to it. I don't think it is found in the gospels, but only in Paul. I wonder sometimes what Christianity would be like today if Paul took a different tack -- something like, Christ did what he preached, he forgave those who trespassed against him, and what a trespass it was!

Of course, I'm not sure Christianity would have spread without the resurrection story.

Have you ever thought, David, what the west would be like if we were not Christians?

"The vast majority of them, I guess, were, in varying degrees, followers of the Jewish carpenter and His teachings."
Come off it .
If there were 'followers' ( rather than conscripts) it was followers of Hitler and Stalin. Regardless of their belt buckles.
And ignoring the deaths of those who were just there by chance ie the locals


Perhaps you are confusing Good Friday with Easter?

Anyway a genuine wish to you and yours for a happy whatever you want to call it.

I suppose wishing you the best for Passover is off the list as well?

Kol tuv Duffers

Nah David I'll nae be wishing you resemb'ing any ting other than a Happy East'r but this

I hope de Egg you'll be leavin' out yer bodily for the chilluns who happen upon what you left in the Churchyard'll recognize it for what you David passed:

'Appy Oistich Egg & Each & Every One!

An' David I do hope you managed to polish it ... well ... "Para-like" as best you might've.

Happy Easter One & All!

Friday Funny

Young California Type-Pad Roller-Skating Blond (advisor to Duff) shows up at the Veterinarian with her dog.

"Doctor! I've got a problem with my dog!"

"Eh Lass," says Veterinarian, "What could that possibly be?"

"Well Doc, everytime I arrive back at home my dog knocks me off my feet onto my knees gets behind me and humps the hell outta me - anything we can do this being Easter?"

"Ah yes Lass but you did remember where the ewe's nail was I think?"

"Yes yes but what about my dog?!!"

"Oh yes Lass - your dog - Bring your dog in 'an I'll neuter him."

"Neuter him? ... Whatcha mean you'll neuter my dog?"

"Bring your dog in and I'll cut the dog's balls off."

"Cut my dog's balls off!!?

"Well Lass you did say you're bothered when you come home knocked to your knees and humped?"

"Well yes Doctor Veterinarian but cutting my dog's balls off?!!

"That's Lass all I know to do - but it is Easter - Lass can you think of an alternative?"

"Yes Doctor Veterinarian, Clip the Dog's nails and maybe do something about his breath?"

Penseivat, it is precisely the variation in interpretation that convinces me that the story of Jesus is man-made. Surely any God worth the name would have issued forth a message of such clarity that their could be no misunderstandings. Your description of heaven and its occupants is simply too, too, grisly - I'm off to do a bit more sinning!

Oddly enough, Dom, I have pondered on the question as to what life would have been like if the Christian message had failed to get through. I think the differences would have been immense - and yet the main constituents, people (dread word!) would be more or less the same. I also suspect that if Jesus had not invented Christianity someone else would have done it. He speaks for the fundamental decencies of life which many people sort of aspire to.

Hank, I am frequently confused about many things but thank you for your good wishes.

And 'kol tuv' to you , too, AussieD, my life already!

JK, have you thought about using Google Translate for your comments? As for your Friday Funny, quite good but I am perplexed by the reference to "the ewe's nail"! I know I am going to regret this but what the ...?

John, sorry, somehow I skipped past your comment. I doubt very much whether the majority of the men who perished at Kursk were either Fascists or Communists. Most of them, I suspect were simply patriots doing their duty. Take off the uniforms, isolate them, and my guess is that if pressed most of them would own up to being Christian by religion, albeit probably very lax Christians like most of us.

Well Doctor Duff you sent me a "funnies forward" having to do with an inseminationer feller wot droves a Jaguar er David you do drives a Jag?

(Anyway ... what most don't know about you being a "sheep guy'n all' the blonde lady you wuz telling me 'bout leaving the nail above the ewe's door was to hang trousers on

Please David don't tell me you screwed the Lamb and on Passover?

Honestly you "Atheist Sorts" ?

If it isn't a big deal why do you make it so?

Read at Duff's header ...

“That one can convince one’s opponents with printed reasons, I have not believed since the year 1764. It is not for that purpose that I have taken up my pen, but rather merely to annoy them, and to give strength and courage to those on our side, and to make it known to the others that they have not convinced us.”

and I trust you atheists'll be enjoying the vet's marmalade?

You'll of course advise me whether it tasted of mint or not?


Y'all are importing more Islamists than we are.

Good luck with that.

Oh. And I noticed y'all have imported David Axelrod.

Good luck with that too.

Personally I don't believe in any sort of physical resurrection. I think however, that the true miracle of Easter lies elsewhere and the fact that SO MANY people follow the teachings of an obscure carpenter's son may give a clue as to what that miracle is.

I will refrain from wishing you 'Happy Easter.' I will however send you some words that put the whole thing infinitely better than I could. They were written by a poet the name of Arthur Hugh Clough; the name of the poem: Easter Day (Naples 1849)

So here it is - from Clough to Duff!

Very well thought out and written piece, David.
Mazel tov.

Thanks, Andra, and you, too.

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