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Sunday, 27 April 2014


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Driving nicely and don't run over any sheep.

... it's just that looking back all I can remember are my myriad mistakes which only became obvious the day after ...

Now I understand why you never venture into your archives.

I managed to miss the sheep, Andra, but failed to notice a bloody bollard into which I reversed! Grrrrrh!

JK, you can be very bitchy sometimes, darling, and I'm surprised you have the energy after that blow-job you have just experienced - no, no, not that! - I mean that typhoon that ripped through Arkie-land yesterday. Why don't you do yourself a favour and move to South Somerset, the only thing we suffer with is the occasional monsoon!

Years ago I took a date to see CFT, which neither of us knew anything about.

Damned chilly evening, that was.

Real shame, too.

I had had certain aspirations regarding that girl.

On my list of great things that never happened.


my 20-year old production of Othello.

Is there a film that could be converted to YouTube?

So poor colonials can see how it should be done.

DD - Sorry I missed your Othello - it's one I actually don't mind.

What colour was your Othello? Black is best I always think but what do I know?

JK - are you still there? Did the still blow away?

Did your dynamite get wet? I do hope not.

Keep in touch.

Philo, I am tempted to emulate the famous historical-theatrical question: 'Yes, yes, Mrs. Lincoln, but how was the play?'

Alas, that production was not filmed, Hank. However, I do have others including films of me playing poor old Barny Cashman in 'Last of the Red Hot Lovers'. I will make enquiries and if I can I will transpose it and all you Yanks can fall about laughing at my 'Noo Yawk' accent!

Yes, they managed to find a black actor for this production. Unfortunately he was a young man but we amateurs do not have the luxury of picking and choosing. Being older than Desdemona is more important than the colour because it is the inherent sexual uncertainties that lie beneath the older man/younger woman relationship which is the fertile ground in which Iago can drop his poison. I saw Willard White play it and he was dead right. My Othello from years ago was white so we 'browned him up' rather than 'blacked him up'. This is more accurate because Othello is a Moor not a negro. Just before WS wrote the play the King of Morocco sent an ambassador to London and in his north African finery he was a sensation and WS might well have had that in his mind.

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