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Thursday, 10 April 2014


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A very good post, and I think you're right about it all.

What also bothers me is how the general population, not just the government, has changed. So I would add two more points to your list. Brenden Eich was hounded out of his job because of his political views (views that were very similar to Obama's at the time). And Ayaan Hirsi Ali's honorary degree from Brandies was rescinded because of pressure from the students and professors, among others (apparently, her presence would made Muslims feel unsafe on campus). In both cases, this was done by people who believe themselves to be progressive and liberal.

Thanks, Dom, and yes, I picked up the headlines on those two cases. What is infuriating is the cack-handed way in which Congressional Republicans have failed so miserably to pursue the cases I mentioned above. Today, 'the Kraut' says the Benghazi scandal is dead and buried - the administration won!

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