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Saturday, 05 April 2014


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My predictions are that UKIP will come 2nd or even 3rd in the EU elections, Scotland will vote to remain in the union and RedEd will enter Downing Street come 2015. Not one outcome that will please any sane rational right wing libertarian. However my track record on predictions is dismal so I hope therefore by making those above the Jonah in me will prevail and the very opposite will occur. But then knowing my luck this will be the one time that they come true.

One thought that has just occurred to me is if Scotland votes to leave and RedEd has enough seats to enter no 10 in 2015 because of the number of Scottish MPs who then in 2016 cease to be Westminster MPs will that make for a very strange situation. Will Labour be in government for one year then have to pass it back to the Conservatives?

If Scotland does leave the Union then Vindolanda on Hadrian's Wall may well become an active Customs Post again and not just an archaeological dig. A reborn Legio IX "Hispana" but with a better outcome perhaps?

Because of it having absolutely no material importance to us "down here" if the UK fragments back to the geo-political situation pre-Roman, which several of us were discussing over several libations, just the material problems to be encountered in separation. Things like currency [what do the Scots use? Not the pound as the English would, in a fit of pique, tell them to get knotted], transport [who owns the rail system?], law [you are well on the way to Sharia anyway], health and so on ad infinitum.

Not having solved any of those issues we did however come to the unanimous conclusion that "Pommie" Beer is generally good and you were delusional in thinking the EU would be good for Britain and perhaps the UKIP may have tapped a raw nerve in the average Brit.

I shall observe with interest from the comfort of a still civilized part of the Anglosphere.

Alas, Antis, there are all too many commenters on this blog poised to remind me of my many mistaken forecasts, most of which come under the heading of the 'the wish being father to the thought'! The problem of Scottish seats if the Jocks vote 'Out' has already arisen but, as usual in this 'septic Isle', no solution appears to be available.

If, AussieD, the Jocks vote to leave the union I doubt there will be a single Englishman prepared to give them the pickings of his nose!

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