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Sunday, 13 April 2014


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And I had to read about it first on your blog!

Three points: Mr Bundy was not killed, as were the unfortunate residents of the Mt Carmel religious retreat, and of Ruby Rodge. We are on to them, and we have the Interwebz, now. There was a very large turnout of yeomen (labeled "militia" by the leftie press, because they have made that a scary word.) and more specifically of the Oath-Keepers.

Second point:The word is out about Slime Ball Reid's hand in this cookie jar.

Three, anyone who cares to look at the situation is very well aware that we have a mob of Federal agencies who are armed. Do we really need armed poultry inspectors? This is a disaster waiting to happen. However, there are still more of us than of them, and, even the few of us who are not armed are increasingly vocal.

Did y'all notice that the instructions on the Facebook page for the Oath-Keepers told them to leave their weapons in their vehicles? Oh, yeah, the guns were there, just not brandished about, yet. As tactful a reminder as these clowns deserved.

Dom and Mike, I take absolutely no pleasure in these stories although in this case the Feds have been seen off - for the time being. What astonishes me is the limpet-like manner in which the likes of Harry Reid cling to office. If your electorate does not turn against these rascals in the next two elections, I fear for you.

Well, you'd just love the Obeid family in Australia. Apparently they own just about everything and "they've done nothing wrong".
Companies just give them hundreds of millions of dollars and/or shares because they like them. Nothing to do with politics and lobbying and greasing palms.
I don't like them. They are pure evil.

As always my commenters provide me with an education. Until now I had never heard of Mr. Obeid but even a quick scan of his Google links tells you the story. Still, at least he seems to have been winkled out.

Here's a good article. Look especially at the pictures. I really liked the "First Amendment Area" and the response to it.

Dom, Malcom Pollack over at:

found a very judicious summary of the whole rotten affair.

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