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Wednesday, 09 April 2014


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She's gone (at last), normally she would stand in the corner for 5 minutes and re-emerge when the stink had died down, but for one thing - the election....

I am left with the feeling that MPs are still getting away with fiddling expenses - in that legalistic way legislators do - and no-one wanted to have the matter too closely looked at. But again - the election....

Then, the election - what to do? - what a piss-poor choice we have, Nigel must be rolling around with joy.

You do not have a monopoly on "Pollies" with their snouts in the trough. Fair go.

We have had our share down here as well and getting them to resign, bugger off or otherwise deviate from their snuffling up taxpayers money is as difficult as cooking snow balls as a delicacy.

Perhaps they should get an annual allowance, paid in advance, and they manage on that and if they run out because they squandered it or, heaven forbid tickled the till, tough luck.

The retards forget they are supposed to work for us not against us.

When the politicians decided to pick a fight with the press - what did they expect to happen?

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