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Tuesday, 08 April 2014


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He was and still is a terrorist and will be until he serves time in one of HM's Prisons or has to front the Almighty. For him to have dinner with HM would have been like Bin Ladin having dinner with George W. Beyond comprehension.

I don't subscribe to the "forgive your enemies" meme. Justice for McGuiness and his ilk should be in the form of hemp or 7.62mm.

We can only hope that one of the Irish idiots manages to blow him up. Not kill him, just reduce him to the state of Lord Tebbit's wife. This would be justice.

One of the main qualifications needed by a diplomat is 'an infinite capacity for humiliation'.

I don't think the blacks in America got their freedom without a good few riots and heavy loss of property (by the whites). A comfortable but rotten system does not go away at the wave of a few placards. They first demonstrated their big stick - then spoke softly and people listened.

We Brits kept a corrupt and rotten system going in NI whilst the IRA for their part failed to develop a realistic and credible political front. Made worse by shadowy forces on all sides trying the old 'look away, we'll soon have this sorted' trick. McGuiness has been brought into the fold, honeyed speeches are one side of diplomacy, a big stick is the other.

Why we kept the system going so expensively I still can't figure out - perhaps some fool thought the shipyards were a strategic resource.

Thanks for your commentary, gentlemen, and I apologise for a slight loss of temper in my post but some things just stick in your throat.

David you are forgiven for your honest comment. MuckGuiness seems destined to die peacefully in his bed with the local priest in attendance absolving his alleged crimes against humanity.

Yeeeeees, quite, Jimmy, very handy all that God business!

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