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Monday, 07 April 2014


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Can't do blond. I do look good in black, however.

I fit the criteria in every other particular, although my acting skills require some brushing up.

I can stage manage everyone, and provide suitable scenery ("Lady Audley's Secret" suddenly springs to mind) if that's any help.

You're hired, er, but don't hold your breath waiting!

Let's have a dress rehearsal now to sort it all out.
You be dead to start with and the rest of us will take it from there.

Now look here, Andra, this is a serious, not to say, solemn, subject so a little less colonial levity if you please!

What a bizarre idea - I am mortified. Sorry back to the naughty corner.

I can over emote with the best of them! Not blonde however, nor ever will be. Not even for you dear duffers.

Abide With Me of course David!

Did you say "Mourners" or "Cheer leaders"?

I'm putting a call out and I think I've asked for the wrong thing...

Well, of course, red heads will be welcomed, Miss Red.

No, no, Jimmy, none of that dirge like stuff and anyway there won't be time what with all the recordings I have made of me delivering my favourite Shakespeare speeches.

Well, Miss Mayfly, there will certainly be more of the latter than the former so they should be cheaper!

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