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Friday, 11 April 2014


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For those who may wish to see what the wind strengths Andra and the others in her area are experiencing just Google BOM.Cairns and it will bring up a link to the cyclone.

Thanks, AussieD, looks like Andra may have, er, an interesting Saturday night!

Nah worries Andra, if I see you're in trouble I'll send you a skiff!

Uh, I do have your current coordinates don't I?

Heck, we "Arkies" are keeping all y'all under our "care."

We've a fleet of Spring River "Floats Inner Tubes" free until our Fourth of July. Er, salt water crocs don't bite inner tubes does they?

Smart cyclone.

4.30 a.m. Saturday morning. Some rain but nothing else. Looks as if Ita won't be a bother for us at all.
I'm not complaining and thanks for all your thoughts.

Checked your local electric supplier too Andra, figure you needn't worry the wine might get warm.

Er, that'd be the wIne Andra, not necessarily the whine.

Still. Happy I didn't have to dispatch the Arkansas Navy toward your rescue.

Ita has just hit us a few minutes ago. Wind and rain swirling right around the house and coming in every direction.
This is about my 20th or 21st. cyclone so I'm not getting overly excited but the stupid cat is out there somewhere and will be really, really pissed off when she charges in through her little window.
The eye is about 80 km inland from us and big gusts are happening - one right now at around 80 knots, or so the Chinaman assures me.
Still have electricity, obviously, but it's bound to go down sooner or later.
Still, I have plenty of wine so not too bad, then.
I'll keep you informed, if possible.
Best wishes to the Arkansas navy. You're doing a great job.

Well yes Andra but I wasn't figuring it'd go south. Looks to me you're about to get some er, not like Somerset - but some real coastal flooding

Of course Duff'll be able to explain how his .. cpl d? cpl d? transmit as best ablest - I'm given to unnerstand there's to be a coastal tidewater cyclone.

8.20am here, Andra, and I hope you have your priorities in the right order. Just remember - the cat comes first, second and third! Oh, and if you see a canoe paddling down your river, it's the Arkansas navy, and if it's a bit erratic in direction, JK's at the helm!

Lost power 8 seconds after I posted that last one to you and got it back minutes ago. 22 hours out. Not bad. Generally it's between 5 and 7 days.
Very hot and steamy now - tropical indeed. Cleaning up the garden and that's all the damage I have.
However, this is a most peculiar cyclone and I rather fancy it will head out to sea in a day or so, regroup and come back up this way and give us a large hammering.
Time will tell.
We are planning on going south to a house on the beach for Easter so fingers crossed the house and beach are still there.

Never mind all that, remember the priorities:
1: How's the cat?
2: Is the wine cellar intact?

Well done, good to hear all is well.

The cat couldn't give a damn and the chardy is holding up nicely, thank you.

Good to hear!

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