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Tuesday, 22 April 2014


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Once again I must ask - why are they YOUR Monday funnies?

PS - I'm glad you're back - I thought you were dead.

Well ShitDip ... or is that "Turtle Duff" I should be enquiring abouts?

I did, if you'll recall ask, "Hae ye been a victim agin of a DDoS attack?"

To which you replied David, "Of course not!"

But you see Duffers - I have friends in every timezone around the world!


I forgot the "important question."


You were gone?


My main entry screen is down again but hopefully I can reply to the comments above.

They're *MY* funnies, darling, 'cos I'm the agent, so shut up and keep sending some more! And of course you're pleased to see me!

No, JK, I think I said some thing along the lines of 'what the .... is a DDoS! Whatever, it looks like I have it all over again!

And you know, JK, you and Dom can be really, really bitchy sometimes!

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