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Sunday, 20 April 2014


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Reminds me of that old and rude joke about standing too close to the edge of the platform and someone saying that if you stand there the train may suck you off. Of course I wouldn't put something so rude on a "proper" blog like this.

Well I don't think I would.

Back to the naughty corner.

You're never out of it, AussieD!

Duffers if you think Elizabeth Warren doesn't look Cherokee enough have a look at the blonde haired, blue eyed Australian aboriginal on You'll instantly recognise her as aboriginal.

To quote an old phrase that suddenly came to mind, if she's an aborigine 'my cock's a kipper!'

By the way everyone, sorry, but TypePad seems to be playing up again!

Well, it is now Monday evening, and I still haven't had my funnies.

Yes. Monday it is ...

And to extend from there, to Krauthammer:

"To understand the workings of American politics, you have to understand this fundamental law: Conservatives think liberals are stupid. Liberals think conservatives are evil."

& thus the UK goes ... or went awhile back.

And don't recognize it's Cultural Suicide.

As I suspected DD:

(Check the date.)

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