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Saturday, 05 April 2014


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Fascinating David! That WWII generation produced so many independent, creative thinkers, leaving me feel any sort of elaborate intelligence op like that would be beyond the abilities of the dreary dullards we have running clandestine HUMINT nowadays. Well, let's be honest the West prefers electronic SIGINT wizardy over relying on mere mortals.

G'day Libertybelle.

Good HUMINT beats SIGINT nearly every time. Eyes and ears on the ground are essential and a well trained observer can interpret things which remain hidden in electronic information.

Yes, indeed, Liberty, there were some brilliant minds at work in the intelligence services of the time - made up for some of cock-ups that occurred!

AussieD, I wouldn't go too hard on that, breaking the Enigma code was a gold mine! And the old WWI 'Room 40' at the Admiralty helped enormously prior to Jutland. The best is to have first-rate analysts.

See? Once you look closer, we're everywhere, leading World History from the dark. Well, under a heavy Sun, really.

Well, the least you could do, Ortega, is be a little more communitaire and send us some of that sun!

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