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Monday, 07 April 2014


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And you're going to vote Tory in 2015!

Do not think even for an instant, BOE, that were Farage to lead a triumphant band of UKIP-ers into parliament they, too, wouldn't have their snouts in the trough within days. It's human nature and, alas, our MPs reflect our own image back at us.

Strangely enough, I don't it's good enough for politicians to just reflect my rather imperfect image back at me. I want them to set higher standards and be an example to all of us. So I would like Mr Cameron to not be complacent, arrogant and ignorant like wot I am.

As to UKIP, I don't expect them to get a single parliamentary seat in 2015. They should concentrate on reducing the whole thing to a shambles.

You're a sly ol' thespian there Duffers!

Entertaining er, link David. Thanks!

Ah, there you go, JK, it's not all Shakespeare in the amateur thesp world!

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