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Thursday, 01 May 2014


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I was going to construct myself another pot of coffee but I just saw your new post here. I'll bet this was built in China and they can build more no doubt. In keeping with so much newly built there, I wonder if these boxes will be still more Potemkin Villages. They have entire "cities" of built but empty boxes of all sizes.

Here in the muddle we still call America, I saw a demo on a business network of a 3-D "printer" building an entire house all at once with phase one being the "dry in" and then followed immediate by the finish complete with operating systems..water, power etc. Mind you this was a small video shown in the studio but I was mesmerized at its ability to literally build up and then in and then from wall stud to finished product. Amazing! You are right about building industry ramifications if this 3-D thing catches on. Construction unions of all types will be in revolt and illegal immigrants will flee our nation and not even the entire Democratic party standing astride the border yelling "halt" for the love of Socialism will impede them.

See what you have done? My coffee is neglected.

Lord only knew David.

That is a house, 33 foot wide by 22 foot tall, and it was produced by a 'printer'.

Thirty-three foot wide eh? ("Euro foot wide ie, € maybe? Or, truth in advertising, £ tripled?")

A standard [US] glass slider-door = 40 inches, with the glider [the opposite path allowing for the door to open → 82 inches - the outer partition non-sliders (including moldings to hold the "glass" in place) =ing 20 inches on either sides of the whole totaling → depending on shim-spacers not exceeding > 8.5'. The perimeter walls (equaling two [2] appear to be no more than ordinary-width 2X4s + maybe an inch of daubing total).

In Arkansas we'd figure the "printed structure" at +/- nine feet wide total / I'm given to understand the Australians figure roughly, the same dimensionals.

Yet David you lay out in your description, 33 foot wide! Or properly speaking - exceeding three times what the actual length of the width is.

Now I understand finally why it is so many Arkansas men travelling to first-duty station in Great Britain come home with English wives.

It's no wonder why the Scots are seeking divorce!

Sorry about your coffee, Whitewall, just print another!

JK, in the absence of the headmaster (DM, that is) you are doing nicely as a 'picker of nits'. My mistake is that I simply swiped and copied the dimensions as they appeared in the original article which was written by - an American! No wonder all those GI brides came home as soon as possible!

Heh, GIs maybe - but most likely only to renounce their UK citizenship.

The sailors' brides if any gave it a thought - thought only, Now we know why our Westminster Lords were so keen on changing the Arkansas condom packaging to state "medium" - they'd never noticed the fine print on the latex!

Good grief! I have never known who my father was - don't tell me!

I suspect there has been a lot of confusion back and forth across the Atlantic as to just what 12 inches might look like. Stretching the truth is universal I'll bet. Makes for building some odd houses.

And confirms my belief that you should never trust an estate agent/realtor - which is a bit rich coming from a former second-hand car dealer!

I'd mention something more about measurements but my "lady pal" up in AK took a miff at I can just picture ol' JK flat on his back with the lady standing with rifle in hand, one foot on his miserable old carcass and smiling for the cameras.

'Cause we've constantly efforted "discreet."

How you Duff managed to get a camera-person anywheres near could only been attributable to "another mis-measuring" ... yes I was flat on my back ... no, she wasn't standing - rather staddling. She was as I recall "smiling" - not because she was "holding a rifle" rather, she'd just been rifled ... and riffled ... and. Well now she wants me to come back to bed and I think maybe I ... I'll get back to this later pardon my punksurating

I caint be espected as much while/as my thermostats

Dream on, JK!

Surely this is the answer to the housing problems in places like Slough? Instead of parking hundreds of sun tanned people in their garden sheds they can just print off a few of these? First example, not second.

I don't doubt they can "print" the structure, but I bet they can't print the wiring, the plumbing, the drains, etc etc.

Proper tradesmen won't be running out of work for a while yet, methinks.

I think, BOE, that old Betjeman had the only solution for Slough - "Come, friendly bombs, and fall on Slough!"

Andrew, you have been watching to much Python: 'Always look on the bright side of life, te-da, te-da, te-da-di-da-di-da'! It's only a matter of time and then, of course, there is the coming 'driverless car/van/lorry'. Not much fun being old but I am awfully glad that I will not have to face those problems!

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