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Thursday, 22 May 2014


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Ahoy Cpl Duff.

Did you take care to do before your excursion and take care of absentee voting for UKIP?

Rock Apes? I'll have you know that that nickname has absolutely nothing to do with the Marines but is proudly sported by the RAF Regiment.

Permission to come aboard, Captain! I am so glad you are posting from Rhodes. I had no idea how I was going to survive weeks without you, dear Duffers.

I thought the paras referred to the Royal Marines as Crap Hats or is that from time gone by?

I tried to reply last night but couldn't get through.

Yes, JK, voted UKIP by post before I left but that was a 'one off'.

In my day - which of course are the only days that count - 'rock apes' were marines on account of their habit of messing about on cliffs - without a parachute!!! And 'crape hats' were, and still are as far as I know, anyone who wore a beret that was not maroon!

Miss Red, you can row my boat anytime you like!

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