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Monday, 05 May 2014


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Mr Obama leads from behind. That allows him to retreat from in front when needed. It's our new smart foreign policy. America has retreated from the world stage at times but usually has to return at great cost. We must hang on 32 more months.

Depending on where you are sitting, Whitewall, there is an argument that perhaps the USA has, as great powers always have done, over-extended itself and in places rushed in 'where angels fear to tread'. On the other hand you can't just stop being a global power when you are as big as the USA, thus, some intelligent picking and choosing needs to be done. Alas, I am far from certain that 2016 is going to produce a real statesman - or woman!

Is it only 32 months till Hilary becomes president?

I assume, BOE, that is a rhetorical question! Actually, I am still in some slight hopes that some scandal will crawl out of her slime and strangle her, then, 'Fauxcahontas' will take over and if she wins she will reside in the 'White Wigwam'. Too, too delicious!

I take it that Fauxcahontas is the Native American Senator? Hilary will avoid scandals by forbidding anyone from discussing them - bit like the Irish guy in the White House now doesn't allow anyone to see his GCSE results!

No, BoE, she is not Native American. Well, everyone from the South has more than a bit of one or another tribe in us. I've got several, and the teeth and (now) genetic testing to show it. However, Sen. Warren is also descended from a sheriff who helped to evict the tribes from what is now the South Eastern United States and send them to Oklahoma. (Fondly remembered as the "Trail of Tears") She was also a major corporate lawyer who screwed the "Little People" whom the Dems claim to defend, a close parallel to Sen Kerry, also from Massachusetts. If Massachusetts voters saw the name of a yellow dog on the ballot as the Dem nominee, they'd vote for her.

The rest of the country are not always so gullible. The Dems are so entrenched in the benighted state of Massachusetts that no one has investigated or fumigated their voter rolls in decades. Several states did just that since 2012, so we have some hope that, without the grave yard vote, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, North Carolina and parts of Texas will deliver clean ballots. We shall see. Prayers would be appreciated.

I'll have a word with my new vicar, Michael, seeing as I cut her Churchyard grass I'm sure she will be pleased to offer a prayer or two!

"Cut her churchyard grass". Thats a new way of describing it!

"Cut her Churchyard grass" is quite civilized sounding.

BoE, your own words in previous comments tell me you are too old for such a dirty, dirty mind!I'm not, yet, so I am LMAO.

G'day Duffers,

If you are going to "Cut her Churchyard grass" just make sure Mrs Duffers doesn't find out or she could do a Bettie Bobbitt on you.

And now I'll clean the coffee droplets off the screen.

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