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Saturday, 17 May 2014


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Well, that's very kind of you but we're doing just fine without you, thanks.
The peace and quiet is lovely and we're reading books, going for walks and talking to friends and neighbours.
Don't worry about us - we'll have forgotten about you in a fortnight.

I tried phoning Mum's mobile, the hotel room telephone (don't tell me you were? ... urrrggh!), and email, but to no avail.

So I guess I might as well drop it in here: -



(don't tell me you were? ... urrrggh!),

..and precisely how do you think you were generated SoD? Not from under a cabbage leaf that's a crock.

Happy birthday Duffers.

Happy birthday Mr Duff. I have a vision of you surrounded by scantilly dressed 93-year olds soaking up the sun.

All very well, Duff, but what about our gloriously unPC Monday Funnies?

Enjoy the fun? in the sun. Happy B`Day.

Enjoy the urrrggh!

Thank you one and all for your birthday wishes and for what it's worth I can tell you that the memsahib has told me that 'uurrrggh' is definitely OFF the menu which, given the heat, is something of a relief! Tomorrow we are off to Rhodes city which means, dread word, shopping! As for the lack of jokes, Mr. Thake, you had double-bubble last Monday!

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