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Tuesday, 20 May 2014


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If you were Greek Duffers you'd be sponging on the EU and Kaiseren Merkel like all the other Gleeks.

I have neighbours who used to be Greek [now proudly Aussie] who reckon the place is decidedly second rate [the actual expression was a bit cruder]. According to his missus the first expressions in English/Strine learnt when they arrived were generally not for mixed company.

Enjoy your holiday.

In many? most? disasters there is more than enough blame to go round but driving round Rhodes and seeing the countless number of empty or half-finished buildings, houses as well as commercial, and realising that they each represent personal disasters for people who believed in that European dream is truly upsetting. If I was Greek I would begin by shooting my own politicians and then start on the Germans!

καλημέρα Duff.
You should have come to Australia - there's none of that bloody kultchur here.


I've been reading Peter Heather's
Empires and Barbarians: The Fall of Rome and the Birth of Europe

An excellent if comprehensive read of a millenniums history, which I strongly recommend.

Anyway, I think it is history and not current events. It is hard to tell.

Andrea, I dare not ask what the Greek word means! Thanks, Hank, yet another book to go on my pile of 'waiting to be read' books! I will need another holiday to read them all! Still, I'll be interested to know if he has any views, or even if like me he finds the rapidity with which Christianity spread, exceptional.

Dear Duffed
Kali Mera - good morning. You do have such a nasty little mind.

Do you know, Andra, it's amazing how much you and the Memsahib agree upon without ever having met!

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