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Friday, 02 May 2014


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A bit like us really.

China also has an over abundance of young males. That usually means war is needed if history is any guide. The world has the measure of "Putin's Poodle".

Exactly so, BOE, but we've been here before.

Good point, Whitewall, concerning the male population of China.

Think you are being a bit rough on Neville Obarmy. He can always draw a red line in the China Sea. It would be binding up to the first wavelet that reaches it.

Even wouldn't lift a finger for his own people [Benghazi anyone?] so why would he lift a finger for the Philipinos?


You provide a partial answer a few posts later.

If, a big if, things stay cool until Jan 21, 2017, there will be a change in the situation.

Americans of Filipino decent can and will raise a significant voice in favor of the Philippines.

Both parties have plenty of foreign relations advisers who would recommend action.

Even a President Hillary would have more gonads than the current incumbent.

China may fall apart.

On the other hand if China wants to create a military embarrassment to the US, the Philippines are close to them and a long way from US bases.

If things stay quite for three years this could settle down to cold war.

Fingers crossed.

Unfortunately, Hank, I don't think China will fall apart that quickly but there are and always will be internal stresses which, alas, will only drive their central government on to foreign 'adventures' in order to whip up patriotism.

US/Chinese relations over the next few decades are going to require subtle, strategic thinking of the highest order if war is to be averted. None of us 'outsiders' can know exactly what is going on but I fear that Chinese thinking is no higher than the American State Department/White House - so there's a thought to ruin your Sunday!

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