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Saturday, 10 May 2014


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On an unrelated and sad note, Werner Dannhauser died a few days ago. Your martini guy.

Yes, Dom, that's why The American Spectator reprinted that 30-odd year old essay 'in memoriam'. Damn, that fella could write - as well as drink!

Sorry, forgot that you mentioned it.

It will be interesting to see how this book fairs. Other attempts to relate intelligence to genes got the authors in deep doo doo.

Does seem to be a touchy subject but surely worth some rational thought. On the one hand Jews left alone seem to have done very well at the limited trades historically allowed to them, one the other hand they have been an object of hatred and oppression and murder. Looking back over history the success of Jews seems to lie in subtlety of thought, the making of connections others cannot see or do not bother to examine. Perhaps this has some root in the study of religious texts. Perhaps on the other hand the pressure from being regarded as outcasts has in some way made them a bit smarter than the rest.

Perhaps what really upsets the apple cart is turning the issue around, why aren't the rest of us so damn smart?

Indeed, Dom, I seem to remember that Charles Murray was one of them.

Definitely worth rational thought, Roger, although as in so many other things it is important to differentiate between individuals and the group. As for the Jews, I suspect that earlier Christian opposition to money-lending with interest left them with an opening they could not ignore because, of course, such an activity is essential. Alas, nobody likes their 'bank manager'!

The evidence scientific and empirical has been around for a long time that intelligence varies with race and location. Genes and environment are I believe interlinked as evolution adapts genes to fit a given environment and at the same time throws in mutations some of which work and some which do not and eventually die out. To deny that their are racial difference is nothing more than inverted racism. It stifles debate and serious study into an important area of genetics and thereby curtailing advances in knowledge and understanding that would in the end benefit all by devising ways to actually create equality at least in reasoning abilities. Is it not the disparities in thinking that causes many of our problems and conflicts. Perhaps the left fear this line of research as it would undoubtedly lead to them losing most of their voters as the human race would become more intelligent and rational.

Well it didn't take long. The brave author is immediately out on his ear. Looks like the first "unexploded Darwin bomb" went off in the New York Times collective Gray-Lady- matter, paltry as it is. I am looking forward to the repercussions from this book, especially regarding Jewish accomplishments throughout the generations. These achievements against the grunting assaults from its neighbors, and radical leftist detractors, make for some head exploding arguments. The Times has managed their preemptive outrage and effectively "banned the book" with the vigor of a Leninist purge.

Neither side likes the obvious conclusion -- intermarriage. Everybody gains. Even the "gifted" races suffer from a list of physical problems specific to their genes, which they would lose through intermarriage. We're just dinosaurs right now.

My great grandfather had a younger brother who had, as we so delicately say in the South, "two families." We kids never knew, and my mother always tried to hush it up, although it was on my father's side of the family, but there they were, taller, with better teeth, a better tan, and much more mathematical ability. They also got a heaping helping of the family bi-polar trait, so it's not all good.

In fact, there would be a great deal more intermarriage if Black men did not have a reputation for being such appalling husbands. I know dozens of Black women who would shoot any Black man who tried to date their daughters. No matter how the race mongers fulminate, that's the current folk wisdom, on either side of the color line.

Your comment achieved one minor thing, Michael. For ages now I have been meaning to find out what this "bi-polar" thing is which I keep reading everywhere but without quite knowing what it is. Your comment nudged me to it, so thank you for that bit of re-education!

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