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Friday, 02 May 2014


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My tactic was to lend it to my wife for a few weeks before reclaiming it!

Off topic, did you see that because of the US sanctions against them, the Russians have suggested the US use a trampoline to get up to the international space station? Nice one Boris...........

David of the first rules for being a man---there are several, is to find the instructions for the chair and toss them away. THEN assemble the chair. Expressive language is part of the job as it denotes the depth of commitment to your task. There will be left over parts in the end, but as all men know--those are just spares or evidence the instruction writers didn't know what they were talking about, which is why the instructions are to be tossed from the outset. Good luck! Your better half will admire you upon her return.

BOE, alas, that one doesn't work any more!

Whitehall, you must have been reading my gospel, well, all bar your last sentence!

Quit your moaning dear Duffers. I have already assembled two such chairs, as well as a new desk with upper cabinets. With very little help, mind you.
Needs must, though. I don't have a wife to make me cups of tea. *giggle*

Dear Miss Red, let me take you away from all those American attractions and offer you a new life in the, er, scintillating, sophisticated hills and dales of South Somerset - oooh, ar, proper good it be! It just happens that I have a list of little jobs which you will polish off in no time.

missred..but did you follow the chair's instructions?

Of course she did! That's what the ladies always do. Me, I just screw the instructions up and toss them in the nearest bin - my dear, simply too, too, tedious!

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