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Sunday, 11 May 2014


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Welcome to the West, Vlad, you're coming in (or was that "out" - we love your macho-camp look?), whether you like it or not. Get over it, then get used to it.


What's the Russian for 'I have your name and I know where you live'!

Watched it once. It's a crock.

No wonder Europe is a cesspit.

If you Brits have any sense you'll vote yourself out of Europistan.

That's the trouble with you Aussies, you don't understand real 'kulcher' when you see it!

No kulcher.

Spot on Duffers. Comes from our humble beginnings. We just don't appreciate the fluffy strident bullshit cacophony of our "kulchural betters"

And if you are going on holidays why aren't you on your way already already?

And I just found out a Brit friend of mine here in Oz is going to bloody Brazil to watch a bunch of pussies playing wog ball for some bloody trophy. All that snow as a child obviously damaged his brain. It really is just a branch of whichever country School of Dramatic Arts - it isn't really sport.

Back to the naughty corner.

Anyone who attends the mega-shambles that is likely to be the World Cup in Brazil is either retarded or suffering from an excess of Aussie sun!

[I corrected your comment above]

If you must go to Brazil, watch yourself as if your well being depended on it.

I went to school in Austria decades ago. Don't recall seeing creatures like the picture then. Of course back then, it would have been clothed with a mini skirt.

You obviously attended the wrong school, now, if you had gone to Eton . . .

"if you had gone to Eton"

....or the Palace of Westminster

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