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Saturday, 03 May 2014


Feed You can follow this conversation by subscribing to the comment feed for this post. I have mentioned before re China and their "economic growth", it is a series of Potemkin Villages and currency Ponzi schemes. Their people have begun to taste a little economic freedom and once tasted, they want more. A government that tries to parcel out freedom will be in trouble. Here in the US, some moan about the amount of our debt China holds, but it is about on par with Japan's holdings. I don't fear what China holds, they desperately need it.

All bubbles burst and the only thing that is unknown is how the government will react to the damage. People will want to retrieve their savings. Much disorder and chaos can result. The shock waves will be felt globally with most economies weathering the storm ok.

This is the back drop for China's sabre rattling over some islands and tapping into their citizen's long held hatred for Japan.

This blog is notorious for getting things wrong, as my regular commenter 'JK' constantly reminds me ...

But just David, do not cease.

It might be hard to believe but Arkansas can at times be something approaching boring. Some folks take to doing crosswords. Myself? Well there'll always be some bit you've posted that keeps life entertaining.

My all time favorite?

Six years and the shit keeps coming!

It's Chinese culture that a house which has never been lived in is worth more than one that has. That is why so many of the new build housing estates in China, and the luxury apartments in new complexes in London, are left vacant. They also have a criminal offence of trespass which prevents squatters in China and, allegedly, security staff to prevent it in the UK where it is a civil matter. It will be interesting to see if these vacant apartments will end up being sold, and at what value.

Thank you, JK, you are the perfect Fool to my Lear! However, in my own defence (I can't afford a lawyer) I did begin that post with a hefty caveat: "With the sort of, almost literally, blind stupidity that sent the Light Brigade up the valley of death I am forecasting, here and now, a McCain victory in November. Well, actually, I am not entirely stupid but it is true that I am not a particularly knowledgeable observer of the American political scene. Also, I must confess that my opinion is more than somewhat shaded by my very sincere hope that McCain will win. A perfect example of the wish being father to the thought!

I didn't know that, Penseivat, but whilst that might work with individual luxury houses I can't think that it does so with dozens of huge uninhabited cities all built on borrowed money.

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