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Monday, 12 May 2014


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Have I said this before? Just give in and buy yourself an APPLE,

Apples are for eating, BOE, but MS is for men!

MS Is for men who have to borrow their wife's computer.y

BOE....that has to be the retort of the week!

David arrived safely and is comfortably installed in his mega suite?

God these Apple groupies are tedious.

Have a good holiday D!

Well, I'm sorry to be tedious, but I have Mr Duff's best interests at heart. He does seem to have rather a lot of technical problems. I, on the other hand, as an AG, don't seem to get them. Of course, it is early days, its only 20 years ago that I bought my first Apple computer!

I hope he is enjoying his holiday.

'nuff said.

Well, first all look at the date - seven years ago - you are probably using Windows 3!!! Then there is the source. The Guardian is prob not at the top of Mr Duff's regular audience.

Report from the front line! Too bloody hot, too much bloody food, wine flows like, well, wine, really, Greek brandy would start your car on a frosty morning, and, my dears, the people!! Still, as the average age in this hotel is 93 and as TODAY I AM ONLY 75 years young, I feel like a kid again. By the way, obviously there will be jollifications tonight which despite the fact that I am in Rhodes you might here 'over there', so sorry and all that - not!

Happy birthday - I think you should stop having them now - all you do is complain about having them.

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