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Friday, 30 May 2014


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One little comment. It is a feature of Cyprus that houses often consist of just a ground floor, with a forest of re-enforcing steel rods waving about on top. The second floor will come when it is needed.

Off-topic but interesting in a paranoid sort of way. I've just returned from a few days in the Rhine valley. The river boats now give their announcements in German, English and CHINESE! One nice change is that they don't bother with French any more.

Yes, I take your point, BOE, but what I am referring to were well and truly derelict and abandoned buildings, some domestic but others commercial.

And the poor old Frogs can't afford to paddle up the Seine these days!


Welcome Back!

As for moving there I would remind you that Rhodes is a few mile from Turkey, which if they do not formally claim it, they still think it should be theirs. And Turkish Army, unlike their Greek allies, can afford ammunition and target practice.

It could become a very unpleasant place on short notice.

Yes, indeed, Hank, you can actually see the Turkish coast on a clear day.
David Duff

Yes, indeed, Hank, you can actually see the Turkish coast on a clear day

So? On a clear night I can see the moon and it's a lot further away from earth than Turkey from Rhodes.

And, seeing you are now back in the UK, would it be too pushy to suggest that "all Rhodes lead to home"

I was just about regaining my good mood, AussieD (see latest post), when I read your last line. Now I'm all grumpy again!

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