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Friday, 02 May 2014


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Plus one


There is a pattern in English, of turning vowel-R into R-vowel. E.g. Centre to center, although you have not corrected the spelling, yet, and 'pretty' becomes 'purty' Thus, 'nigra' got turned into nigger. If the slaves had been better at Latin, perhaps they would have been more purist about the language, would not have given us a corruption that has become such a grievous insult. Or, if the first ones had been bought from the French instead of the Spanish, we'd have said 'noire'. Although I have trouble imagining it, there'd be, without a doubt, some mangling that would be a horrible insult, except when they say it to one another.

I'm not familiar with the man in question nor his tv program, but the rhyme I have heard since I was a child. Where I live, North Carolina, USA..such things were common place. I'm in my 60s and remember much more than this. I know the word in question is an ugly put down of another person, except when used between two or more Blacks and then it is used because they can and no body else can and what's more...they like it that way. Misuse by anyone else will probably get you excommunicated from the human race if possible. For this reason, blacks and their lily white enablers will never let the word and its resulting power go.

What this word also tells you is that there are ways into the brittle muddle that is the Left's delicate mental state, protected by PC. Outrage over this word and a few others masquerade as substance. It is not. They are shields to keep their enemies from discovering just how easy it can be to utterly disembowel their agenda.

But it is soooo awesome to watch the Beeb squirm. Hiding in plain sight, a la Jimmy Savile, is, in their terms, a racist. But, a la Jimmy Savile, he earns them too much money to purge.

Sometimes, the Good Lord smiles on us.


Before politics entered the arena the use of various words was entirely a matter of courtesy. There are, undoubtedly, a number of words which are rude and discourteous - I should know, I use them often enough - but being rude is no crime and I insist on my right to be rude.

I also insist on my right to dislike certain groups of people because of their group characteristics. That does not mean I would be rude to any particular member of that group but they would, so to speak, have to prove their credentials before I would lower my guard. As it happens, I have no feelings either way concerning blacks, except that I would count my fingers if I shook hands with a Nigerian! However, as a group I dislike and distrust the southern Irish intensely. The fact that a huge number of them are set to vote for Gerry Adams only confirms my suspicion.

The fact that a huge number of them are set to vote for Gerry Adams only confirms my suspicion.

Surely if he goes down for murder over the execution of that lady way back he will be ineligible to stand for anything other than to avoid getting "shafted" while doing time.

And I hope the bastard does it hard and the prosecutors/government don't get all PC and forgiveness.

The fact that a huge number of them are set to vote for Gerry Adams only confirms my suspicion.

Were set to at any rate.

Probably not, AussieD, because he's standing in the Republic and they would vote in a dead man so long as he was IRA!

Too late, Aussie D - he's been let go suspiciously soon after his old pal Martin McGuinness pointed out that there would be "problems" for the Peace Process if he were charged.

In other words, "nice peace you've got here, be a shame if anything happened to it, know what I mean?"

The leopard does not change his spots...

He should have said that he was quoting Mark Twain. (Huck Finn/Tom Sawyer which have nowt to do with ray-cism by the way.) Maybe he could say that he was auditioning for a part on The Wire. He could say he was talking about the Irish.

Actually, your idea is better.

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