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Thursday, 08 May 2014


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Oh dear. Since watching that video and seeing these two sexually incontinent oldsters, I have put my specs in soapy water and will soon put them in a dark closet to dry and recover from what they have seen.

I wonder who they thought they were with and/or what they were doing ........ or something like that.
Let's face it, I just don't fancy either of them and don't much care what they do or where they do it..........but, did they scare the horses?
Certainly scared me - the whole thought of these uglies breeding is even worse. Hope they know about, ahem, birth control.

To be honest, Andra, I dimly remember back in the day (because ever since I have tried hard to forget!) often waking up the morning after several pints of 'Black 'n' Tan' next to a lady who in no way resembled the gorgeous creature I thought I had pulled the night before. Their raised eyebrows and dropped jaws seemed to indicate that the 'Shlock-Horror' was mutual!

They don't really look like Mormons, do they?
I think they've wandered over from Arkansas or is that too harsh?

I dunno, but JK thought she looked hot! Yeeeeeeeeeeees quite!

Which one is the woman?

Er, better ask JK, I think!

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