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Monday, 12 May 2014


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Sorry to hear you got soaked. Consider it a pre holiday rinsing. Did you manage to complete your assault on the churchyard grass or just call a truce due to weather?

It seems the EU....most importantly Britain will indeed need another crisis. We here in the US will need another one too as I don't believe anything anywhere has been repaired, much less solved. Simply moving fiat money around behind a curtain. How the world's central banks can go on doing this is beyond me. There will be a day of reckoning and this day can be triggered by a small event somewhere in the world that becomes a tsunami.

No matter what country or group of countries, the weakest point of any of them is their currency.

Alas, Whitewall, I only managed two thirds of it. Tomorrow, weather permitting, I will try and finish 'the Lord's work'! As for your gloomy prognostications - spot on, in my opinion!

"I would give the Churchyard grass a final cut"

Yeah right Duffers - in the world of euphemisms that's a ripper but you need to give warning of its imminence as I now need to wipe the droplets of coffee off the 'puter screen.

Have a good holiday and say hello to the colossus for me.

You really must learn to control your imagination, AussieD, I know there's not a lot to do in Australia but still . . .

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