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Thursday, 29 May 2014


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Good to have you. Belay that.

How's about another re-visit there David?

Just to be sure how the first re-visit went:

"By Jove, JK, what a very well-written, shrewd post that was, to be sure! And ... what do you do, memorise them all? Actually, I don't think 'Dave'has turned out to be either Hamlet or Coriolanus, both of whom being men of considerable character and courage. I suppose, and I put this forward somewhat hesitantly because I am not tremendously well-up on the play, but he is beginning to resemble Timon of Athens, a man who threw money around as though it was going out of fashion and when it was all gone he was "shocked, I tell you, shocked" to discover that now everybody despised him. 'Dave' will suffer that indignity at the next election."

I'll leave you David, to figuring out how I'm managing the Archives. Er, you do remember placing me in charge of the [now] somewhat orderly place?!!

And you have done a splendid job, JK, and I'm wondering whether to offer you the job of Head Gardener here at Chateaux Duff.

And you have done a splendid job, JK

Now it's okay to say, "Good to have you back David!"

(I've got the Archives so well ordered now even you David should be able to find "a very particular post" you typed up mere days after leaving that By Jove,JK[!] which I think, should have 'Dave' quaking at his prospects. ... And me perhaps, "suffering" at your withdrawal of that job offer!)

I'll give you some period of time - you've ironing to do - before posting another of those, er, "revisits."

Welcome back !

An untypical splenetic post.......

Missing the Retsina ?

Kind regards

Back already?'s too soon. Go away again.

I see RedEd in no 10 come 2015 with a comfortable majority unless the Scots vote yes which I do no believe they will. The left have convinced too many that they can produce everything for nothing and have fostered a culture of dependency and entitlement. Most are convinced that command economies are better than free market capitalist ones despite centuries of proof that they are not. Further the left have hoodwinked the populace in thinking that they are the the modern day Robin Hoods. It is a powerful combination of factors that us on right have no answer too because all we can offer is the truth and that is unpalatable because it requires the population to return to a great deal more self-reliance, personal responsibility and higher standards and values. All we can do is look on aghast as the left(Liebour, Lib-Dims, the EU etc) take us further along towards their vision of Utopia that we know to be a very unpleasant place and wait for it to collapse. At least with Liebour in government and commissars in Brussels that will happen sooner rather than later. The consequences of which are not going to be to anyone's liking.

Keep up the good work, JK, er, but only if it chimes with my current opinion!

Not the Retsina, David, but the sunshine - my tan is coming off in shreds of dead skin!

Andra, darling, don't pretend you're not thrilled!

Antis, to be honest, the election next year is far too complicated for anyone, least of all me, to forecast with any confidence - the demise of the LibDems, the rise of UKIP, Miliband's obvious ineptitude, the vagaries of our particular electoral system - it will be an election like no other. Even so, I *think* Dave will squeeze in. If he does so with a tiny majority which will make him a prisoner then the champagne's on me!

If he does so with a tiny majority which will make him a prisoner then the champagne's on me!

Well then David, you'll be needing a distributor? & cheaply Ima reckoning ... friend of the US State Department sorta type person?

Orsini began spending a great deal of time at McArthur’s law office, once organizing a champagne party ...

The heck with Rhodes Duff, for your next birthday I'm arranging you to party with Hillary's friends!

(Then we'll be seeing how #19 goes.)

Ah David, your continuing Arkansas Ed being neglected during your absence.

Do focus on the timelines! There will be a test.

Only time to skim those two, er, characters, JK, and suffice to say that they very definitely do things differently in 'Arkieland'.

And Hillary ain't got no friends!

I always enjoy reading Hannan. He is maybe the best political speaker around the Anglosphere. His positions within MEP aren't always clear to me but for my interests, Daniel is a voice of hope. He did a favorable review of "America 3.0" which I am soon to crack open and read.

Thanks for that link to the book which, at a quick glimpse, looks to be worth a read.

Sorry, that was from 'Dad Duff', I'm using SoD's computer!

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