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Tuesday, 17 June 2014


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How do you know I'm not Dominic Cummings? You have to admit, "a sphinx without a riddle" is exactly the sort of thing I might come up with.

And JK is Rowling, by the way. The arkie talk is a put-on.

Absolutely, Dom, I can just see JK in that witch's hat!

"Put on"?!!! The "Arkie talk is a put on"?!!!

Well I never Dom! I'm plumb hogswallered you could ever take such a notion into yer head.

And as for you Duffers putting me into a witch's hat - next thing you'll be telling us is there being a T-34 in London.

As always, JK, life is stranger than fiction.

"Life is stranger than fiction"?

Well wipe my brow with Miss Smith's underdrawers! is what David, you'd be near most likely to hear in the vicinity of Duff Arkansas (which you know is true) were you to utter that.

Typing it, you can generally and typically if tapped from 'crost the Pond, get away with. Gaaaaard I put the word "nigger" over on Malcolm's earlier and a lot of people's taken to passing peach pits.

This side, me bein' a actual really truly and being Arkie, it's nearly akin to me being in the company of extraterrestrials.

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