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Thursday, 05 June 2014


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When the people have had enough of someone or something, I have always believed it is best to throw something in the water as a protest. Tea, Brussels meddlers, Putins, Islamic apologists etc. Putin has no place at Normandy. Come to think on it, I am having a hard time with Obama there.

Putin is the leader of a large and powerful nation. He holds the energy supply of Europe in his hands.
He is a comnmunist leader and ally of China.
Just try dunking him and see what happens.
History is history and he is now !

Not entirely accurate, I would suggest, John.

At the moment Russia is *relatively* powerful by dint of numbers rather than military expertise. He may *for the moment* control a part of Europe's energy supplies but you need to remember that in commerce there are always buyers as well as sellers and if you cut off your buyers you go broke! As American fracking makes American oil cheaper by the day, and as our own European fracking produces yet more, then our reliance on Russia will dwindle - hence Putin's eagerness to sign a deal with China.

He is no communist, he's a nationalist and if he thinks China is an ally (which I do not believe) then he's welcome to his delusion!

I would add that he is also leader of a rapidly ageing country with huge pressures from non-Russian ethnicities who are increasing. Russia is way over reliant on energy sales and when the demand drops - along with the income - Putin will find himself deep in the дерьмо!

Vlad is in Normandy because Obama thinks there were a couple of Russian divisions in the invasion force. And Angela is there because he thinks we were fighting the Japanese. Wouldn't it be nice if the celebrations were empty of politicians?

I'm a bit surprised that HRH was not there. She is a veteran.

She reads here Whitewall, din't you know that?

JK, then I guess that would be the next best thing?

But 'Her Maj' was there! And looking and sounding very gracious, even more so given the third-raters into whose company she was forced!

She was?! I saw bits and pieces and most of it was US coverage of He Who Casts No Shadow. Third raters is right.

In fact, Whitewall, practically the entire family were there but not little Prince Georgie, his nappies are wet enough already!

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