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Monday, 09 June 2014


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"What is often over-looked is the effect we are having on them! There is a case currently active in the courts in which a Muslim father and his wife are facing charges over the alleged murder of one of his daughters who failed to abide by paternal, male discipline. I have no idea if the man is guilty or not but his predicament moves me to pity."

& How'd that work out David?

Anna Raccoon's Archives too.

It's true David I readily admit your cares for me as concerns "Naegleria fowleri" as you've posted several times & oft

And what's happened in the archives?!!! You've done this a'purposed Duff? Figuring I'm figuring, "Cairdeas JK" thinking I'm not very familiar with the place?

Unfortunately (perhaps) I've cross-referenced the place.

"And happily, when it comes to political matters 'over there', I have one in the delectable form of MDA (My Darling Ann). ... She cuts to the very heart of the matter by suggesting that there are only two matters of absolutely crucial importance. First, repeal Obama-care and, second, stamp on illegal immigration. ... Am I going to give Ann Coulter an argument? Not bloody likely!"

As it'd appear that meeting is likelier minute by minute.

Ann (& I'm thinking to send via "Next-Day-Delivery" ... and it's maybe gonna be kinda embarrassing to have her skinny blonde squirmies) kicking David Duff's embodiment into the FOX realtime.

Thinking David, just changin' your OS gets rid of me? As an American and even unlikelier as it befits an Arkansianese I declare, Not bloody likely!

Though as the same sort of what I'm told Scot is over here at the present there's the one I've not heard from in awhile - an if'n you do Duff wish from me to thereabouts a Slainte Mhath!

I have long believed that newspapers and their readers are locked into a symbiotic relationship. My step-daughter, a well educated lady in her fifties, holding down a skilled high paid job, reads the Guardian. Discussing the career plans of her 17-year old son, I wondered if he would follow his father into the army. Oh no, she hoped not, as there was no need for armed forces. Rational people applying logic could solve any dispute without the use of force.

Well, she is quite right - except that there seems to be a global shortage of rational people who think logically. Waste of time pointing this out to her of course.

JK, please, pretty please, do an old man a favour. This is not Bletchley Park and I have neither the time nor the computer power (nor the services of Alan Turing) to decipher your obviously encrypted comments. Or to put it another way, can you pleae just write plain, straightforward English preferably in sentences containing no more than two clauses.

"Rational people applying logic could solve any dispute without the use of force". No offence intended, BOE, but your step-daughter is ineffably dim!

Unfortunately she is not dim. Isn't that the problem with the Guardian Reading Classes (who run the country)? They are bright and well educated but believe really silly things.

Well, of course, I know nothing about your step-daughter, but having one's head stuffed full of information is one thing, knowing what to do with it is another. It leads one to believe the sort of thing about 'rational people' (as though there were that many around) and 'logic' (a system of thought that is much over-rated and anyway useless in the real world) and to believe that together they could solve, say, the Arab/Israeli dispute.

About the missing Scot, me too. Pass him my e-mail. I hope that is well enough decrypted. I ask this, knowing quite well that any e-mails from me will be corrected for grammar and punctuation. I'm tough! I can take it.

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