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Saturday, 26 July 2014


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What it needs is for some swot to write the definitive work showing that Will was actually Jewish and his missus was actually a bloke to really throw the literary grenade into the mix.

I do love those [allegedly] analyses of history where some author/wanker pontificates on "how your lot killed more of my lot than my lot killed of yours and so your lot were/are evil and my lot were just misunderstood". Particularly entertaining when you belong to neither of the respective "lots".

I shall try and find the Countess' literary effort in the library as I shall certainly not be shelling out good Aussie dollars on it.

Belay that last pipe about seeking out the book. I followed Duffers link and read the analysis of the book by Womersley and the somewhat miffed reply of the Countess and I don't think I'll bother.

Having been involved in secure communications in a past occupation I am intrigued by the idea of this code which only the Catholics knew. Who devised it and how was it communicated to other Catholics and kept out of the hands of the Protestants? Did they have a sort of 16thC Enigma Machine?

Reading the replies to the review was certainly entertaining. Nothing like a bit of academic blood spilling.

Yes, indeed, and I liked Wormersley's reference to the author of the da Vinci Code! I will be posting on this subject later.

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